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Best Open Source Slack Alternatives

Discover the best open source alternatives to Slack.

The best open source alternative to Slack is Rocket.Chat. If that doesn't suit you, we've compiled a ranked list of other open source Slack alternatives to help you find a suitable replacement. Other interesting open source alternatives to Slack are: Huly, Twake and UnInbox.

Slack alternatives are mainly Communication Tools but may also be Messaging Tools or Knowledge Management Tools. Filter by these if you want a narrower list of alternatives or looking for a specific functionality of Slack.

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A collaboration hub that brings the right people, information, and tools together to get work done in companies or teams.

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Open-source chat solution offering real-time messaging, video calls, and file sharing for teams of all sizes.

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Rocket.Chat is a powerful, open-source communication platform designed to revolutionize the way teams collaborate. With its robust features and flexible deployment options, Rocket.Chat caters to organizations of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises.

Key benefits of Rocket.Chat include:

  • Enhanced Security: Self-hosted options and end-to-end encryption ensure your data remains private and secure.
  • Customization: Tailor the platform to your needs with a wide range of integrations and API access.
  • Scalability: Easily grow your communication infrastructure as your team expands.
  • Multi-platform Support: Access Rocket.Chat from web, desktop, or mobile devices for seamless communication.
  • Rich Media Sharing: Share files, images, and videos effortlessly within conversations.
  • Video Conferencing: Conduct face-to-face meetings directly within the platform.
  • Channel Organization: Create public and private channels for efficient team collaboration.
  • Omnichannel Communication: Integrate customer support channels like email, SMS, and social media.

Whether you're looking to improve internal team communication, streamline customer support, or create a community platform, Rocket.Chat offers the tools and flexibility to meet your unique needs. Experience the power of open-source communication and take control of your team's collaboration today.

An open-source platform that combines project management, communication, and documentation tools for seamless teamwork.

Screenshot of Huly website

Huly is an innovative open-source platform designed to revolutionize team collaboration and productivity. It serves as a comprehensive replacement for multiple tools, integrating features similar to Linear, Jira, Slack, and Notion into a single, cohesive environment.

Key features of Huly include:

  1. Project Management:
    • Team Planner for visualizing tasks across the team
    • Customizable workspaces to fit various team needs
    • Integration with GitHub for seamless issue tracking
  2. Communication:
    • Built-in chat functionality for direct messages and group conversations
    • Virtual office spaces with high-quality audio and video conferencing
    • Ability to invite guests for meetings without leaving the workspace
  3. Documentation:
    • Collaborative document editing with real-time updates
    • Rich text formatting, image embedding, and code block support
    • Version history tracking
  4. Productivity Enhancements:
    • Keyboard shortcuts for efficient navigation
    • Time-blocking features for focused work
    • Instant notifications to stay updated on changes
  5. Knowledge Management:
    • Huly MetaBrain for building a dynamic knowledge base
    • AI capabilities (coming soon) to leverage team knowledge
  6. Customization and Integration:
    • Ability to create custom virtual office spaces and meeting rooms
    • Two-way synchronization with GitHub for seamless project tracking
    • Support for multiple repositories and milestone migration

Huly stands out with its all-in-one approach, eliminating the need for multiple separate tools and providing a unified platform for teams to collaborate effectively. Its open-source nature also allows for transparency and community-driven improvements.

Whether you're managing projects, conducting virtual meetings, or creating team documentation, Huly offers a comprehensive solution to enhance productivity and streamline workflows for modern teams.

All-in-one workspace with chat, video calls, task management, and file sharing for seamless team collaboration and productivity.

Screenshot of Twake website

Twake is a comprehensive open-source collaboration platform designed to revolutionize the way teams work together. With its robust set of features, Twake provides a centralized hub for all your team's communication and productivity needs.

Key benefits of Twake include:

  • Unified Communication: Seamlessly switch between text chat, voice calls, and video conferences, keeping your team connected regardless of location.
  • Task Management: Organize projects, assign tasks, and track progress with intuitive boards and lists, ensuring everyone stays on the same page.
  • File Sharing and Collaboration: Easily share, edit, and collaborate on documents in real-time, with version control and permissions management.
  • Calendar Integration: Coordinate schedules, set reminders, and manage events effortlessly within the same platform.
  • Customizable Workspaces: Tailor your workspace with apps and integrations to fit your team's unique workflow and requirements.
  • Enhanced Security: Benefit from end-to-end encryption and the ability to self-host, giving you full control over your data.
  • Open-Source Advantage: Leverage the power of community-driven development, with the flexibility to modify and extend the platform as needed.

Twake's intuitive interface and comprehensive feature set make it an ideal solution for teams of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. By consolidating multiple tools into one platform, Twake eliminates the need for constant app-switching, boosting productivity and fostering a more cohesive team environment. Experience the future of team collaboration with Twake's powerful, secure, and customizable workspace.

An open-source email client that uses AI to categorize, prioritize, and streamline your inbox, helping you focus on what matters most.

Screenshot of UnInbox website

UnInbox is a revolutionary open-source email client designed to transform the way you handle your digital correspondence. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, UnInbox brings order to inbox chaos and helps you reclaim control over your email workflow.

Key features and benefits:

  • AI-Powered Categorization: UnInbox automatically sorts your emails into intuitive categories, making it easy to find and manage messages.
  • Smart Prioritization: The intelligent system learns your preferences and highlights important emails, ensuring you never miss critical communications.
  • Customizable Workflows: Create personalized rules and filters to automate repetitive tasks and streamline your email management process.
  • Distraction-Free Mode: Focus on your most important tasks with a clean, minimalist interface that eliminates unnecessary clutter.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Access your organized inbox seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices.
  • Privacy-Focused: As an open-source solution, UnInbox prioritizes user privacy and data security.
  • Integration Friendly: Connect UnInbox with your favorite productivity tools for a seamless workflow.
  • Community-Driven Development: Benefit from continuous improvements and features contributed by a passionate open-source community.

UnInbox empowers you to spend less time managing emails and more time on what truly matters. Experience the future of email management with UnInbox – where intelligence meets inbox efficiency.


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