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Best Open Source Contentful Alternatives

Discover the best open source alternatives to Contentful.

The best open source alternative to Contentful is Strapi. If that doesn't suit you, we've compiled a ranked list of other open source Contentful alternatives to help you find a suitable replacement. Other interesting open source alternatives to Contentful are: Directus, Payload, TinaCMS and KeystoneJS.

Contentful alternatives are mainly CMS Tools but may also be Backend as a Service Tools. Filter by these if you want a narrower list of alternatives or looking for a specific functionality of Contentful.

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A headless CMS that provides content infrastructure for digital teams to manage, integrate, and deliver content to any platform or device.

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A powerful headless CMS that enables developers to build, deploy, and manage content-rich applications with customizable APIs and a user-friendly admin panel.

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Strapi is a game-changing open-source headless CMS that puts the power of content management in your hands. With its flexible and customizable approach, Strapi allows developers to create robust, scalable applications while giving content creators an intuitive interface to manage their digital assets.

Key benefits of Strapi include:

  • API-first architecture: Build your content structure and instantly get a powerful, customizable API to deliver content across any digital channel.
  • Self-hosted solution: Maintain full control over your data and infrastructure, ensuring security and compliance with your specific requirements.
  • Extensible plugin system: Enhance your CMS capabilities with a wide range of plugins or create your own to fit your unique needs.
  • User-friendly admin panel: Empower your content team with an intuitive, customizable interface that streamlines content creation and management.
  • Database agnostic: Choose from multiple database options, including SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB, to best suit your project requirements.
  • Robust content modeling: Design complex content structures with ease using Strapi's powerful content-type builder and dynamic zones.
  • Built-in authentication & permissions: Secure your application and manage user roles with granular permissions out of the box.
  • GraphQL support: Leverage the power of GraphQL queries alongside traditional REST APIs for efficient data fetching.
  • Internationalization: Create and manage multilingual content effortlessly to reach a global audience.
  • Media library: Organize and optimize your digital assets with an integrated media management system.

Whether you're building a simple blog or a complex e-commerce platform, Strapi provides the tools and flexibility to bring your content-driven projects to life efficiently and effectively.

A versatile headless CMS and API engine that simplifies data management, content creation, and application development.

Screenshot of Directus website

Directus is a powerful, flexible, and user-friendly data platform that revolutionizes the way organizations manage and deliver content. Built on a foundation of openness and extensibility, Directus offers a comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes.

Key benefits of Directus include:

  • Headless Architecture: Deliver content to any platform or device with a robust API-first approach.
  • Intuitive Interface: Manage your data and content through a sleek, customizable admin app that requires no technical expertise.
  • Flexible Data Model: Adapt to your unique needs with a schema-agnostic system that can handle any data structure.
  • Powerful Permissions: Implement granular access control to ensure data security and team collaboration.
  • Extensible Ecosystem: Enhance functionality with custom modules, hooks, and integrations.
  • Version Control: Track changes and revert to previous states with built-in data versioning.
  • Multi-language Support: Manage content in multiple languages effortlessly.
  • Self-hosted or Cloud: Choose between self-hosting for complete control or Directus Cloud for hassle-free deployment.

Whether you're building a complex enterprise application or a simple website, Directus provides the tools and flexibility to bring your vision to life. Experience the freedom of open-source with the power of a fully-featured data platform.

A powerful, flexible, and developer-friendly content management system that prioritizes customization and scalability.

Screenshot of Payload website

Payload is a cutting-edge headless CMS that puts developers first. Built with Node.js and TypeScript, it offers a robust foundation for creating dynamic, content-driven applications. Here's why Payload stands out:

  • Full TypeScript support: Enjoy type safety and improved developer experience throughout your project.
  • Self-hosted solution: Maintain complete control over your data and infrastructure.
  • GraphQL and REST APIs: Choose the API that best fits your needs or use both for maximum flexibility.
  • Local API: Interact with your data programmatically, enabling seamless integrations and custom workflows.
  • Admin panel included: Get a sleek, customizable interface for content management out of the box.
  • Extensible authentication: Implement complex auth patterns with ease, including role-based access control.
  • Customizable document fields: Create rich content structures with a wide array of field types and options.
  • Versions and drafts: Keep track of changes and work on content without affecting live data.
  • Extensible plugin system: Enhance functionality and integrate with third-party services effortlessly.
  • Localization support: Build multilingual applications with built-in localization features.

Payload empowers developers to create tailored content management solutions without compromising on performance or flexibility. Whether you're building a simple blog or a complex enterprise application, Payload provides the tools and features you need to succeed.

A headless CMS that simplifies content management with real-time editing, Git-based workflows, and developer-friendly customization.

Screenshot of TinaCMS website

TinaCMS revolutionizes content management for developers and content creators alike. This innovative headless CMS seamlessly integrates with your Git-based projects, offering a visual editing experience that's both powerful and intuitive.

Key benefits of TinaCMS include:

  • Real-time visual editing: See changes instantly as you edit, providing a true WYSIWYG experience.
  • Git-based workflow: Leverage version control for your content, ensuring transparency and easy collaboration.
  • Developer-friendly: Highly customizable and extensible, allowing you to tailor the CMS to your specific needs.
  • Framework agnostic: Works with various static site generators and frontend frameworks.
  • Markdown and JSON support: Edit content in familiar formats, making it easy to work with existing projects.
  • Media management: Effortlessly handle images and other media files within your content.
  • Customizable fields: Create rich editing experiences with a wide range of field types and components.
  • Role-based access control: Manage user permissions to ensure content security and workflow efficiency.
  • API-driven: Integrate TinaCMS into your existing stack with its flexible API.

By bridging the gap between developers and content creators, TinaCMS streamlines the content management process, reduces friction in workflows, and empowers teams to create and maintain exceptional digital experiences with ease.

A powerful, customizable content management system and application framework built on Node.js, GraphQL, and React

Screenshot of KeystoneJS website

KeystoneJS is a cutting-edge, open-source content management system and application framework that empowers developers to build scalable, feature-rich web applications with ease. Built on Node.js and leveraging the power of GraphQL and React, KeystoneJS offers a flexible and extensible platform for creating custom content management solutions.

Key benefits of KeystoneJS include:

  • Powerful Schema Builder: Define your data structure with an intuitive API, supporting a wide range of field types and relationships.
  • GraphQL API: Automatically generate a GraphQL API based on your schema, enabling efficient querying and data manipulation.
  • Admin UI: Get a customizable, production-ready admin interface out of the box, saving development time and effort.
  • Authentication and Access Control: Implement robust security measures with built-in authentication and fine-grained access control.
  • Extensibility: Easily extend functionality with a plugin system and custom field types to meet specific project requirements.
  • Database Agnostic: Choose from multiple database options, including MongoDB and PostgreSQL, to suit your project needs.
  • Server-side Rendering: Leverage Next.js integration for improved performance and SEO optimization.
  • TypeScript Support: Enjoy enhanced developer experience with full TypeScript support throughout the framework.

Whether you're building a simple blog or a complex enterprise application, KeystoneJS provides the tools and flexibility to bring your vision to life efficiently and effectively.

Drag-and-drop interface for creating and optimizing digital experiences, with headless CMS and powerful integrations.

Screenshot of Builder website

Builder is a revolutionary visual development platform that empowers teams to create, optimize, and deliver exceptional digital experiences without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

Key benefits of Builder include:

  • Visual Editing: Intuitive drag-and-drop interface for effortless content creation and layout design.
  • Headless CMS: Flexible content management system that separates content from presentation, enabling omnichannel delivery.
  • A/B Testing and Optimization: Built-in tools for experimenting with different designs and content variations to maximize engagement.
  • Developer-Friendly: Seamless integration with popular frameworks and technologies, allowing developers to extend functionality.
  • Performance-Focused: Optimized output for fast-loading, responsive experiences across all devices.
  • Collaborative Workflow: Team-oriented features for smooth collaboration between designers, developers, and content creators.
  • AI-Powered Insights: Leverage artificial intelligence to gain valuable insights and improve user experiences.

Builder's versatile platform caters to businesses of all sizes, from startups to enterprises, enabling them to create stunning websites, landing pages, e-commerce stores, and more. By bridging the gap between design and development, Builder accelerates the creation process and helps teams deliver exceptional digital experiences that drive results.

A powerful, scalable platform for building custom websites and apps with serverless architecture, offering flexibility and cost-efficiency.

Screenshot of Webiny website

Webiny is an innovative open-source serverless CMS that revolutionizes web development. It combines the power of serverless architecture with the flexibility of a headless CMS, enabling developers to create scalable, high-performance websites and applications.

Key benefits of Webiny include:

  • Serverless Architecture: Leverage the advantages of serverless computing, including automatic scaling, reduced operational costs, and improved reliability.
  • Headless CMS: Enjoy the flexibility to deliver content to any platform or device, from websites to mobile apps and IoT devices.
  • Custom Page Builder: Create visually stunning, responsive pages with a drag-and-drop interface, no coding required.
  • GraphQL API: Easily integrate with front-end frameworks and access data efficiently using GraphQL queries.
  • Extensibility: Customize and extend Webiny's functionality with plugins and custom code to meet specific project requirements.
  • Security and Compliance: Benefit from built-in security features and tools to help maintain GDPR compliance.
  • Cost-Effective: Pay only for the resources you use, making it an economical choice for projects of all sizes.
  • Developer-Friendly: Enjoy a smooth development experience with TypeScript support, CLI tools, and comprehensive documentation.

Webiny empowers developers to build modern, scalable web projects while reducing infrastructure management overhead. Its open-source nature ensures transparency and community-driven improvements, making it an ideal choice for businesses and developers seeking a flexible, powerful CMS solution.


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