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Best Open Source Braze Alternatives

Discover the best open source alternatives to Braze.

The best open source alternative to Braze is Laudspeaker. If that doesn't suit you, we've compiled a ranked list of other open source Braze alternatives to help you find a suitable replacement. Other interesting open source alternative to Braze is Dittofeed.

Braze alternatives are mainly Customer Engagement Tools. Filter by these if you want a narrower list of alternatives or looking for a specific functionality of Braze.

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Power customer-centric interactions between consumers and brands in real-time

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Multichannel messaging platform for personalized customer journeys, with advanced segmentation and automation capabilities.

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Laudspeaker is an innovative, open-source customer engagement platform designed for modern teams who want to create meaningful connections with their audience. This powerful tool combines multichannel messaging, advanced segmentation, and intelligent automation to help businesses deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

Key benefits of Laudspeaker include:

  • Multichannel Messaging: Reach your customers where they are, whether it's through email, SMS, push notifications, or in-app messages.
  • Advanced Segmentation: Create highly targeted audience segments based on user behavior, attributes, and engagement history.
  • Intelligent Automation: Design and implement sophisticated customer journeys with ease, using a visual workflow builder.
  • Real-time Analytics: Gain valuable insights into your customer engagement efforts with comprehensive, real-time reporting.
  • Open-source Flexibility: Customize and extend Laudspeaker to fit your specific needs, with the added benefit of community-driven improvements.
  • Data Privacy: Maintain control over your customer data with on-premise deployment options.

Laudspeaker empowers businesses to create personalized, timely, and relevant communications that drive customer engagement, retention, and growth. Whether you're a startup looking to build strong customer relationships or an enterprise aiming to optimize your messaging strategy, Laudspeaker provides the tools and flexibility you need to succeed in today's competitive landscape.

Dittofeed offers low-code tools for message automation across multiple channels, including powerful segmentation and personalization features.

Screenshot of Dittofeed website

Dittofeed is an open-source customer engagement platform that modernizes marketing automation. It provides a suite of tools for creating and managing customer messaging campaigns across various channels.

Key features include:

  1. Journeys: A drag-and-drop GUI for automating marketing and transactional messages based on user actions. It supports multi-trigger journeys, integrated branch-based analytics, and local timezone scheduling.

  2. Segments: A powerful segmentation engine with a low-code UI. Users can create segments based on performed events, identify events, subscription status, and unlimited AND/OR conditions.

  3. Templates: An HTML/MJML editor for creating message templates with easy personalization using Liquid syntax. It includes features for testing messages and drafts.

  4. Channels: Omni-channel support for delivering automated messages, including email, SMS, and webhooks for mobile push, Slack, WhatsApp, and more.

  5. Developer-friendly: Dittofeed offers various authentication modes, REST and Admin APIs, SDKs for multiple platforms, and a robust infrastructure built on Postgres, ClickHouse, and Temporal.

  6. Self-hosting option: Users can self-host Dittofeed to maintain full control of their data and avoid vendor lock-in.

  7. Integrations: Supports various message channels (e.g., Amazon SES, Resend, Postmark, Twilio SMS), data sources (REST API, Twilio Segment, Polytomic), and data destinations (Hubspot, CSV).

Dittofeed positions itself as an alternative to established platforms like MailChimp and Iterable, offering innovation and improvement without excessive pricing. It's suitable for organizations of various sizes that need to automate user messaging, with a UI simple enough for non-technical team members to use.

The platform is available as a cloud service with a 14-day free trial, starting at $75/month, or as a free self-hosted option. Dittofeed also offers responsive support through Slack Connect, Discord community, and email.


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